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Rock on: Pebble watch gets catapulted to early backers

The watch works with iOS and Android and can push all kinds of information to the wrist, including social-networking updates, e-mails, and call information.

The Pebble Smartwatch is shipping now.
The Pebble smartwatch is shipping now.

The Pebble smartwatch that excited Kickstarter users and impressed more than a few CES attendees earlier this month has started shipping.

Pebble announced the news on its Kickstarter page today, saying that the first batch of its units -- a little under 500 -- are being sent out to its earliest backers. The company said that it had hoped to ship more watches today, but shipments were held up "by documentation at the airport."

The Pebble smartwatch was a massive Kickstarter hit last year, reaching its funding goal of $100,000, and then quickly surpassing it to raise a total of $10.2 million. Still, supporters have been forced to wait an awfully long time to get their hands on the device -- the funding goal was reached on May 18.

The $150 Pebble smartwatch works with both Android and iOS. The device can alert users to e-mails and social-networking updates, as well as display caller ID information. The watch face is made of e-paper technology, allowing users to see what's on the display in direct sunlight. With help from the iOS or Android app, users can download additional watch faces or updates.

That said, Pebble's iOS app is not yet available and doesn't have a release date slated. The company said in a Kickstarter update that it submitted the app to Apple two weeks ago, but it's still working its way through the approval process. Google Play will have the app available starting tomorrow.

Looking ahead, Pebble expects to get many more units available for shipping and is producing up to 1,000 smartwatches per day. For now, only black Pebbles are shipping.

(Via The Verge)

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