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Radmo gives your car's CD player something new to do

Ditch windshield suction cups and make use of an underutilized part of your car's dashboard to clear up your view.

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco
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Radmo can accommodate a wide range of devices. Radmo

In the video for their Indiegogo campaign, the makers of the Radmo portable device holder asks a very logical question: "In a perfect world, where on the windshield would you put your phone?" It then provides a very logical answer: "That's right, not on the windshield."

When you think of it that way, it is pretty surprising that thousands of us mount our tech on the windows of our cars. Not only does it mess with our visibility, it's also illegal to mount GPS units to the windshield in over 20 states.

The Radmo folks aim to solve this problem in a very simple way -- converting your car's CD player slot to a sturdy and well-placed device holder.

The Radmo device has two arms that slide back and forth on a mounting bracket to accommodate a range of devices -- from a cell phone to a small tablet or GPS unit. The mounting bracket itself then slides in the CD player's slot and has two nylon arches that compress and then expand to keep the contraption sturdy.

"How am I going to play my old Missing Persons CDs?" I hear you asking. Well, the same way you used to because the player works fine, even with the Radmo bracket inserted.

The Radmo inventors seem to have hit the sweet spot with their device because they've blown past their original funding goal. They were seeking $10,000, and they're now over $90,000 with 18 days left to go. Part of the reason the campaign is so successful could be the price. The Radmo bracket for smartphones is just $20 (about £12, $23 AUD), while the one for a mini tablet or GPS devices are $25 (about £16, $28.50 AUD).

Another reason why the Radmo folks are doing so well has also got to be this clever video featuring Radmo co-founder Or Reznick. Reznick told CNET that the video was produced by creative firm Tross, who've done a few other high-quality Indiegogo campaign videos. Check it out below. Even if you don't get a Radmo, it's still fun to watch.