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Quadrotor robots are a hit with James Bond theme song (video)

Shown at the TED conference, flying quadcopter robots take to the recording studio to jam out a robotic version of the James Bond theme song.

Now robots can perform live music.

The University of Pennsylvania General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, which has attracted millions of viewers of its videos online, today released its latest demonstration of robot power.

The video shows a group of small quadcopter performing the theme song to James Bond movies. Introduced at the TED conference, the movie shows about ten of the flying robots emerge from boxes on the floor and start playing different instruments.

Robots dip up and down in the air to press the keys of a synthesizer to play the melody, while others tap a cymbal and bass drum. Still others fly over a series of wires to create Bond-esque sounds effects. In the end, a couple even strum a chord on an electric guitar.

UPenn's GRASP lab has done a number of impressive videos showing quadrotor flying robots working in formation or navigating through difficult spaces, such as half-open windows.

On this video, though, they used full theatrical effects including colored lighting and dry ice. The band clearly deserved no less.