Pixium goggles restoring sight the 'Star Trek' way

A new pair of goggles is designed to transmit images directly to the retina, not unlike Geordi La Forge's Visor from "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Luke Lancaster Associate Editor / Australia
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Luke Lancaster
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Pixium Vision

Pixium Vision on Tuesday received approval for clinical testing of the IRIS II, a bionic vision system designed to restore sight. The trial, conducted at the UK's Moorfields Eye Hospital, will target patients who have lost sight from retinitis pigmentosa.

The IRIS II system uses a bio-inspired camera to mimic the human eye which transmits to a sensitive epi-retinal implant. Information captured by the camera will transmit electrical signals to a receiver directly on the surface of a patient's retina, allowing them to make out black, white and grey shapes, Pixium says.

The trial also covers an "explantable" design, meaning the IRIS II can be removed with minimal damage to the retina and upgraded as new treatments become available.