One million reasons to be thankful

As CNET's Facebook page passes 1 million followers, we'd like to thank all of our Facebook friends for their likes and comments.

Nathan Bransford Former Social Media Manager
Nathan Bransford is the social media manager at CNET. When he's not busy social networking, he's writing children's books. His first novel, "Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow," was published in May 2011.
Nathan Bransford
Screenshot by Nathan Bransford/CNET

CNET's Facebook page passed a major milestone this morning as it broke the 1 million follower mark and is still going strong.

There's only one thing we can say: thank you!

Thank you for your likes, for your spicy commentary, for your insightful remarks and feedback, and for being a valuable part of a tight-knit tech community. You make our jobs more fun and are the reason we try so hard to deliver the best coverage we possibly can.

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With your help, we can reach our ultimate goal of having infinity Facebook friends.

Thanks again, everyone!