NASA-themed Vans shoe collection honors historic space missions

Transport your feet off this planet with the Vans x NASA fashion line.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Van's offers some old-school orange NASA shoes and star-patterned kicks for kids.


When you think of NASA , you think of fashion. Svelte spacesuits. Onesie jumpsuit uniforms. Posh moon boots. OK, maybe you think of space exploration first, unless you work for shoe and apparel company Vans. Then you think of fashion.

Vans introduced a NASA collaboration collection on Friday to celebrate the space agency at 60. The Space Voyager line features everything from star-spangled kids' shoes to NASA-logo high-tops for adults. There's also a bright orange "grind skate duffel" and an Apollo 11 T-shirt.

Vans has been around for most of NASA's history. The space agency kicked off in 1958, while Vans was founded in 1966. The fashion company is tightly linked with skateboarding culture. 

The high-tops may be the most iconic option in the collection. The $110 Vans x Space Voyager Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX shoes sport NASA patches and the words "The Eagle has landed" and "For the benefit of all" down the back of the heels. 

The Vans US online store accepts international credit cards, but only ships to US addresses. The Space Voyager collection appears on Vans' European site, but without an online buying option.

The Space Voyager collection seems to be popular, with many options showing up as out of stock. So good luck on getting a pair of NASA kicks to wear while you work on launching the perfect ollie.

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