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All of NASA's out-of-this-world images are now in one place

Finding a particular NASA image used to mean digging around a bunch of separate websites. Not anymore!

The Horsehead Nebula, now much easier to find in NASA's archives.

NASA first announced that all of its photo archives would be made available on one easily searchable website in late March. But an interview with some of the minds behind the merger, courtesy of ArsTechnica, rekindled our memories and reminded us just how amazing the archive really is.

The new site consolidates the image archives that have been separate since each of NASA's 10 field centers first began uploading their own assets in the '90s. Before it launched, finding everything NASA had available on a particular subject or searching for a specific photograph required digging around dozens of NASA websites in over 100 collections. Now, approximately 140,000 images, videos and sound files are all in one archive with a simple interface that is quick and easy to use.

Looking for Saturn's rings?


They're right here.


The Andromeda Galaxy?


You're covered.


The plaque that Apollo 13 was supposed to leave on the moon?


Have at it, earthbound astronauts. The galaxy is yours.