NASA astronaut totally forgot his GoPro's SD card -- back on Earth

"Uh, we're gonna need to turn this thing around."

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Mark Serrels

"Yeah! I'm going somewhere cool, gonna do some cool stuff. Gonna record myself doing some cool stuff.
"Ah shoot. I forgot to put my SD card back into my GoPro ."
The above. It's happened to the best of us. "If we don't drive back right this second my Instagram followers are never gonna see me do a sick backflip at the trampoline centre."

OK, so imagine this, only instead of the "trampoline centre", it's space. Instead of a "sick backflip", it's a legitimate space walk.

Friends, this astronaut brought his GoPro into space, but left the SD card at home.

This clip was originally streamed live Wednesday on NASA's official Twitch account. It's amazing. I especially love that it's captioned "Left SD card at home LUL". We live in strange times.

I didn't even know  NASA had a Twitch account. Definitely gonna subscribe to this bad boy. 

So when is NASA gonna start streaming Fortnite? I'm guessing latency might be an issue in space...

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