NASA astronaut puts his pants on two legs at a time (in space)

Don't try this on Earth.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Like everybody else on the planet, I put my pants on one leg at a time. NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik, however, took dressing to another level while he was on the International Space Station. 

Bresnik tweeted a video on Thursday that showed him getting into his pants. This might not sound exciting on the surface, but it's actually a funny commentary on the small joys of living in microgravity.In video, 

In the video, Bresnik holds out a pair of khakis, floats his feet up into the air and pushes both legs into the pants at the same time.

"#astronaut are regular people who, with the help of space professionals around the world, have the opportunity to do extraordinary things @Space_Station," Bresnik writes. "While not extraordinary, putting our pants on two legs at a time is one of the unique things we can do without gravity."

Bresnik knows what he's talking about. He has logged nearly 150 days in orbit, including a long stint on the ISS in 2017. He spent some of that time introducing us to the wonders of a fidget spinner in space and showing off a menagerie of balloon animals.

Of all the possible superhero powers you could wish for, putting your pants on two legs at a time is a pretty good one.

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