Motorola CEO: 'Completely open' to Windows 8

Motorola's CEO said that Windows 8 is a possibility down the road if Motorola could have a more equitable positon vis-a-vis Nokia in the Windows ecosystem.

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Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said his company is open to Windows 8 as a platform and expects an aggressive roll out of new Android tablets in the second half.

Motorola is open to Windows 8 as a platform, said CEO Sanjay Jha on Tuesday.
Motorola is open to Windows 8 as a platform, said CEO Sanjay Jha on Tuesday. Motorola

"We're completely open to Windows as a platform," he said when speaking at an Oppenheimer Annual Technology & Communications Conference today. The conference was streamed via Motorola's Web site. Its stable of devices such as the Droid 3 and Droid X2 smartphones and Xoom tablet currently all run Google's Android operating system.

"We're not leading the charge on Windows 8, but as we become comfortable that [Windows 8] is a viable ecosystem [and] that the quality of innovation and quality of services and quality of capabilities [are] being delivered there, we will certainly be open to that," he said in response to a question.

Jha was careful, however, to intersperse his remarks about Windows by saying that "all focus is on Android today."

He was also queried about Nokia and its Windows strategy and its relationship with Microsoft. "Nokia seems to be disproportionately well positioned in that ecosystem. If our position in that ecosystem could be made to be somewhat equivalent, that would be interesting option for us to consider," he said.

And Jha spoke about the Xoom tablet. "Price points move much faster than anticipated," he said when asked what he had learned from the being first with an Android Honeycomb tablet. "We need to launch globally with Wi-Fi much earlier. Wi-Fi turned out to be a big portion of the shipments," Jha added.

As to future tablets, Motorola will come out with "much more aggressive form factors" in the second half of the year, he said.