Kissy 'alien face' spotted in Mars formation

Pucker up. An alien-looking face appears in a Mars rock and it looks like it wants to give you a peck on the cheek.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Give me a smooch, alien face.


If there really are aliens on Mars, then it looks like they just want to blow us some kisses. NASA's Curiosity rover snapped a photo on the Red Planet showing an oddball rock shaped like a face. There's an eye, cheeks, a forehead, a nose, a chin and a set of puckered lips.

Aliens and UFO-spotting blog UFO Sightings Daily took notice of the funny formation, writing, "This face is the side view of a (sic) intelligent species." As a skeptic, I think of it as a side view of a rock that happens to look like a face, but don't let that detract from the entertainment value of the discovery.

The rover is currently toodling around the base of Mount Sharp in the Gale Crater. Curiosity captured the image on Sol 1512 of its Martian mission, which translates to November 7 here on Earth. The "face" isn't its only interesting discovery recently. It caught sight of a weird little iron meteorite earlier in the month.

The kissy face rock is one more in a line of visage-shaped sightings on the Red Planet. An "ancient god" appeared in a rover image in late 2015. The infamous face on Mars seen by the Viking 1 mission back in 1976 later turned out to be a mostly featureless lump. At least this new face really does look the part.

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