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Like turtle meat? Head to this state, says US 'food map'

Real estate site continues its tradition of mapping unusual things onto these United States -- like "burgoos" and "Frito pies."

The United States, from sea to shining, um, cured meats.

I never knew real estate writing could be any fun. But the folks at, a site that lists homes for sale across the country, have certainly found ways to juice up the topic. They've compiled information on everything from which state stands the best chance to survive the zombie apocalypse to which is the most " nerd-friendly" and which is the scariest (because of, you know, clowns and stuff). Now they've released a new graphic that paints a picture of America based on the food-related terms most searched for on Google.

Who knew Utah had such an obsession with Jell-o salad, that Hawaii was obsessed with pickled pigs feet, or that California had a thing for (gulp -- I mean, cringe) booger eating? Strange that Alaska was into cannibalism, seeing as they were Estately's pick for surviving a zombie attack, but I guess cold, long winters do odd things to folks.

It's cool that the map doesn't only lay out our states' searches on straight-up foods, but other terms related to food as well -- especially too much of it. For example, Floridians seem to spend a good amount of time worrying about gastric bypasses, Mississippians seem to want to know more about diet pills and people from Michigan (Michiganites?) just want the answer to the question, "Why Am I Fat?"

The most fun part of the graphic is browsing through the other top search terms that didn't make the map, which are included by Estately writer Ryan Nickum in list form beneath it -- along with his witty "analysis" of each state. That's where you find some really strange stuff like Kentucky's obsession with the Manwich as well as Imodium (coincidence? I think not) and Wisconsin's love affair with cucumber sandwiches.

To compile the map, Nickum told me: "I ran hundreds of food terms through Google Trends, which measures searches for the past ten years. It tells you which state searches for that the most by giving it a score of 100. Sometimes more than one state scores 100. So if you search for a term here it will show you a map of the world. Click on the US and it will break down how much each state searches for that term. Most states had multiple terms they searched for more than any other state. I simply picked one that I thought kind of stood out from the rest and put it on the map."

You can see the whole list here, but you might want to have a pack of Rolaids nearby. It's one heck of a mishmash of foodstuffs!