Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space tourism flights: When are tickets available?

After a series of test flights, Blue Origin says its rockets are nearly ready to bring passengers to the edge of space.

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David Priest
Blue Origin

Blue Origin, the rocket startup from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, will reveal details about how and when to purchase tickets to ride its New Shepard rocket into space next Tuesday, May 5. The space tourism rocket has completed a series of test flights and landings, recently completing a test with people inside during launch preparation and a dummy inside during the flight itself.

New Shepard is designed to bring as many as six passengers to an altitude of 66 miles above Earth's surface -- beyond the "Kármán line" which has typically been used as the barrier between Earth's atmosphere and space (though this is hotly debated).

Blue Origins hasn't revealed when tickets will be available or what they will cost, but the front page of its website now shows a countdown to the announcement.

"Sign up to learn how you can buy the very first seat on New Shepard," the website reads. You can throw your email in if you're interested in heading starward. 

Check back here next Tuesday and CNET will have all the information you're looking for.

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