iPad sold out at Best Buy nationwide

Best Buy is sold out at all 673 stores with Apple shops, with new stock expected Sunday or later. Apple stores remain well stocked, however.

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Brooke Crothers
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Best Buy has sold out of the iPad at all 673 of its U.S. stores with Apple shops. In contrast, Apple stores are maintaining stock.

"We expect to have iPad inventory replenished at these locations by Sunday," said company spokeswoman Paula Baldwin.

Six Best Buy stores contacted in the San Diego and Los Angeles area said they sold out of the iPad on Saturday, the day iPad sales began. Ditto for Best Buy stores contacted on the East Coast; stores in suburban Philadelphia and Boston also sold out on Saturday. A New York store, however, said it had some stock until Tuesday but has no stock now.

All Apple stores contacted, however, have stock. An Apple store in Carlsbad, Calif., said it had stock of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, though it usually sells out by late in the afternoon (then gets new stock the next day). And an Apple store in Ardmore, Penn., said that it had stock of all models.

An Apple store in San Francisco had stock of all models, while an Apple store in New York City (Fifth Avenue) had the 64GB model only in stock.

On Saturday, in the San Diego area, the launch of the iPad at an Apple Store and at a nearby Best Buy was a study in contrasts. At opening time, the Apple store was well stocked but the Best Buy store didn't receive delivery of iPads until later in the afternoon.