InWith promises world's first soft smart contact lens

A smart lens could deliver real-time information directly to your eyes.

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Andy Altman

The concept of contact lenses that can deliver real-time information to the human eye has been around in movies for years. But there are several companies right now hoping to make that vision a reality. 

During  CES  2022, Mojo Vision announced partnerships with Adidas and other athletic companies for its hard electronic lens. The company has demonstrated that its device, when held in front of an eye, can display text and images. 

Enter InWith Corporation, which says it's developed the world's first soft electronic contact lens. In an interview with CNET, CEO Michael Hayes says the lenses will work with your smartphone or another external device to show you real-time information about the world around you. "You'll be able to see things such as, What is the speed limit on this road? What direction am I heading? Where is the next exit and how many miles away?"

Hayes also says the lenses will have the ability to help people who suffer from Presbyopia (the loss of your eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects) by adjusting to different scenarios in real-time, eliminating their need for multifocals or reading glasses. To be clear, we haven't seen a demonstration of InWith's technology, but Hayes says the company is aiming for Food and Drug Administration approval this year. For more details watch the video above.