In the wake of Hurricane Rita

roundup The storm takes a toll on Gulf Coast communities, just weeks after Katrina wreaked havoc.

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Hurricane Rita takes a toll on Gulf Coast communities, just weeks after Katrina wreaked havoc in New Orleans and elsewhere.

Rescue workers search for Rita survivors

The storm dealt glancing blow to Houston, center of the U.S. oil industry, but badly damaged small towns to its east.
September 25, 2005

Texas plans staggered return for Houston evacuees

The state was providing evacuees with full details of the plan on the governor's Web site.
September 24, 2005

Rita storms ashore in Texas and Louisiana

The hurricane has lost some of its earlier steam but still packs enough punch to cause widespread damage.
September 24, 2005

Tracking Rita's progress

images The National Weather Service calls Hurricane Rita, with winds of about 125 mph, "potentially catastrophic."
September 24, 2005

Cell phone calls not going through in Rita wait

Companies urged customers in the region to keep cell phone calls short or send text messages.
September 23, 2005

Politicos assail feds' Net-based relief efforts

FEMA needs reality check, Mississippi congressmen say: How can storm victims file for aid online when some still don't have electricity?
September 23, 2005

The Web tracks Hurricane Rita

From Webcams to podcasts, Netizens turn their attention to the storm as it heads toward the Texas and Louisiana coast.
September 23, 2005

'Weather nerd' feels pressure to blog Rita

Katrina blogger wants to feed his hungry audience with storm news, but he has a life to lead.
September 23, 2005

Warnings out on Hurricane Rita scams

As the hurricane barrels down on the Gulf Coast, security experts are bracing to combat the online donation fraud expected to follow.
September 23, 2005

Katrina spurs federal action on VoIP

Senators say the aftermath of the deadly hurricane shows that Net phones are important and changes to the law are needed.
September 22, 2005

Toyota: Hybrid demand up in Katrina's wake

Japan's top automaker benefits as consumers seek more mileage out of $3 gallon gasoline.
September 22, 2005

Don't wait until the Big One hits

perspective Matt Walton and Elysa Jones say that technology should be factored into the emergency communications equation.
September 21, 2005

Meteorologists call for better storm tech

The supercomputers used to model storms have improved greatly--but they're still less accurate than they should be, experts say.
September 20, 2005

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Researchers foresee more storms like Katrina

The rise in intense, destructive hurricanes worldwide goes along with rise in sea surface temperatures.
September 16, 2005

FCC examines Katrina disaster response

Agency pledges to study communications failures during the disaster and proposes a $211 million relief fund.
September 15, 2005