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Here are the head-turners: 2013's most beautiful products

Glass, aluminum, and even lowly plastic can be crafted into products with aesthetic as well as practical value. The fruits of the design renaissance in 2013 are a pleasure to behold.

Apple's Mac Pro.
Apple's Mac Pro
Sarah Tew/CNET

After too many years of software ruling the roost, hardware design is experiencing something of a renaissance.

Not everyone has what it takes to build a stunning product, but 2013 brought some designs that are, in a word, beautiful. Apparently companies have realized that their customers appreciate more than just boxes with rounded corners.

A design that looks terrific can, of course, come with a steep price. All those chamfered edges and superthin components cost a lot of money. The good news is that the slick designs set the standards for cheaper models to come. Apple's iPhone 5C, for example, is arguably a step down from its aluminum-backed iPhone 5 predecessor, yet it manages to bring a little panache to mere plastic.

It's time to recognize the products of 2013 that weren't just utilitarian or fun but also cool and covetable. Here's CNET's gallery of the 2013's most beautiful products.