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HBO made a giant cardboard box where you can hide and watch TV, alone

Say hello to the HBO Box and get some private time with yourself and His Dark Materials.

It's a box. From HBO.
HBO video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

HBO would like a few lucky winners to have a free box. While cats might get excited about this, humans are more likely to say "huh?" 

Here's the deal. The HBO Box is a giant black cardboard box with holes for airflow, a shelf inside and cutouts so your legs can stick out one end. It's real, and the promotion is aimed at US college students suffering from pesky roommates and a lack of privacy.

HBO posted a video for the box on Tuesday that comes off like a Jony Ive/Apple design parody, complete with a soothing voiceover in a British accent. The comments section is full of people who think this is an ill-timed April Fools' joke. It isn't.

The promotion rules are somewhat strict. You must have a .edu email address, be over 18 and live in an area serviced by Doordash or FedEx. You also have to keep an eye on the Fooji Twitter account to know when to enter the promotion.

Fooji is the promotions company working with HBO on the box. To enter, you also have to explain why you need the HBO Box. You have through Thursday, Nov. 7 to get a shot at winning. There are 305 boxes in total available, Fooji told me. 

The HBO Box will be delivered in a box. It comes with detailed assembly instructions and HBO-themed stickers you can use to customize your geometric experience. 

While HBO Box sounds perfect for a dorm room, the rest of us are already pining for a box of our own. The holidays are coming and we're all going to need to some private time away from family with Westworld, Game of Thrones and His Dark Materials.

I want one. I also finally feel like I truly understand my cat.