Flexible OLED market set to rise to nearly $95 million in 2014

The flexible OLED display market will generate $21.9 million in 2013, and will see strong growth in the next year, according to research firm IHS.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
A look at flexible OLED spending. IHS

Flexible OLED displays are well on their way to attracting more market attention, new data from research firm IHS has revealed.

In 2014, the flexible OLED display market will generate $94.8 million, up 334 percent from the $21.9 million the industry will generate by the end of this year, IHS said.

OLED displays have long been celebrated for their strong image quality. Flexible OLED technology presents opportunities for device makers who want to incorporate new hardware design features into their products.

Samsung debuted its flexible OLED displays earlier this year under the Youm branding. The company is expected to ship its first flexible OLED display sometime this year, IHS says.

Looking ahead, flexible OLED could hit a few stumbling blocks, IHS says. Actually producing the displays has proven somewhat difficult and companies like Samsung are still trying to determine the best way to manufacture them. That process could eventually determine flexible OLED's long-term fate, says IHS director of mobile and emerging displays Vinita Jakhanwal.

"A wide range of complementary technologies are under development to accelerate the advancement of flexible displays," Jakhanwal said. "The success of the flexible OLED market will ultimately be determined by the maturity of the materials and manufacturing processes that will enable large-volume production at reasonable costs."