Dad turns kid into lightsaber-wielding superhero

Through the magic of special effects, a dad turns his son into “Action Movie Kid” in a series of YouTube videos that show what happens when a kid’s imagination meets a grown-up’s.

Action Movie Kid brings it to a Toys "R" Us store. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

It's every little boy's dream: having toys that actually do the things they only pretend to do. Lasers that really fire! Lightsabers that really slice! Rocket launchers that cause mass destruction! Batman-style grappling hooks that really, um...grapple!

While it's probably a good thing that we don't have 3-year-olds running around with plasma guns and laser swords, there's certainly no harm in taking "make believe" to the next level. That's exactly what a dad with a good command of video special effects has done. He's rendered his son's imaginings into purely awesome mini-action scenes in which the most amazing things happen. I've reached out to the creator to find out a bit more about him and his son and their awesome project and will update when I know more.

But for now, I think these 12 super short, super cool "Action Movie Clips" speak for themselves. You can watch below or at the Action Movie Kid YouTube channel, to which you just might want to subscribe. You'll never look at a McDonald's playhouse the same way again.