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Could this be the underwater hotel that actually happens?

Every now and again, we hear about highly ambitious plans for an underwater hotel. Could Dubai's Water Discus be the one?

Michelle Starr Science editor
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Michelle Starr
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(Credit: Deep Ocean Technology)

Every now and again, we hear about highly ambitious plans for an underwater hotel. Could Dubai's Water Discus be the one?

There's the Hydropolis and the Poseidon, but building underwater obviously poses some logistical difficulties, since, for all the gorgeous renders of drinking with the fishes, an actual structure is yet to eventuate.

Deep Ocean Technology is the latest to show off a design with what it is calling the Water Discus Hotel proposed for Dubai. The company — which has designed underwater equipment for seabed exploration — has at least qualified to know what it is up against and its building looks like something out of science fiction: a series of disc-shaped structures, the lowest of which is capable of surviving existence submerged 10 metres below the surface.

According to Deep Ocean Technology, the two top levels are anchored to the seabed by five solid shafts. One of these shafts is hollow, containing an elevator and stairwell that connects to the 21-room lower level, which also contains a bar and a dive centre for the different classes that will be on offer.

(Credit: Deep Ocean Technology)

The top level — 5-6 metres above the surface — will contain the hotel's lobby, a spa, a restaurant, seawater swimming pools, and a garden — and all hotel rooms will have windows opening onto the reefs, with specialised lighting to illuminate what's outside.

And if you're worried about being flooded out? Deep Ocean Technology is way ahead of you:

Our safety measures include a monitoring system integrated with an international earthquake and weather warning system. The hotel is monitored by numerous video cameras and remotely operated underwater vehicles, which are positioned in appropriate places around the complex.

If it doesn't happen, though, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is going to have some explaining to do.

Check out what Deep Ocean Technology hopes the room will feel like below.

Via www.dezeen.com