CERN restarting Large Hadron Collider

World's largest particle accelerator is set to restart late Monday following 10 weeks of technical maintenance and a glitch on Saturday.

Tom Espiner Special to CNET News

The Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator, is set to restart late Monday following a technical break and a glitch on Saturday.

The first proton beams of 2010 were circulated in the Large Hadron Collider on Saturday, CERN said Monday. The machine had been undergoing technical maintenance for 10 weeks. However, soon after the beams were circulated Saturday, they had to be stopped to allow for maintenance to the cryogenic systems that help regulate the superconducting magnets, according to CERN, which is also known as the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

"Engineers had to access the filters for the cryogenic systems," a CERN representative said Monday. "They are fixing that, and we expect...beams to be circulating again tonight."

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