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Crash! Bill Nye talks superhero science using emoji

In the latest video from GE's Emoji Science Lab, Bill Nye the Science Guy discusses the scientific advances making us a bit more like superheroes.

If you're like most comic book fans out there, you've probably wondered what it'd be like to have an incredible armored superhuman suit like Iron Man or fly through the air like Superman.

With the first commercial jetpack expected to launch in 2016, we already know we're not too far away from soaring through the air. But what other things are we doing to make ourselves, and our tech, better, faster and stronger? In a new GE Emoji Science Lab video posted on Mashable's Watercoolor YouTube channel Tuesday, noted science guy Bill Nye uses emoji to show us the projects scientists are working on to bring superhero-esque powers to the real world.

In the clip, Nye talks about super materials -- represented by the arm-flexing emoji, naturally -- and how they're advancing technology to the point where super abilities don't seem so far off.

We're working on things like punch-emoji-esque ceramic matrix composites, ceramic materials that are as strong as metal but can withstand much higher temperatures to do things like lower fuel burn and emissions from airplane engines. Then there's graphene, a two-dimensional carbon material that's thinner than a sheet of paper, 100 times stronger than steel and a great conductor of heat and electricity.

Watch the video above to learn more about the other ways science is bringing us into a better, more technologically advanced future. It's a pretty thumbs-up-emoji way to spend your hourglass-emoji on the computer-emoji.