AMD adds low-power quad-core chips

Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices introduces energy-efficient quad-core Opteron processors "designed to help data center managers" focused on power consumption and virtualization.

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Brooke Crothers

On Monday, Advanced Micro Devices announced availability of low-power quad-core Opteron processors targeted at servers.

AMD quad-core Opteron
AMD quad-core Opteron AMD

The HE (high-efficiency) processors have a thermal envelope of 55 watts. Other AMD quad-core server processors have higher thermal envelopes of 105 watts or 75 watts.

The low-power Opterons are available in both the 2300 and 8300 series. The 2300 series processors are designed for servers that use two processors, while the 8300 series processors are for systems that use four or eight processors.

The new parts include the 8347 HE (1.9GHz, $873) and the 2347 HE (1.9GHz, $377).

"Our new Quad-Core AMD Opteron HE processors were designed to help data center managers who see power consumption and virtualization as the keys to solving their overall performance equation," Randy Allen, general manager at AMD's Server and Workstation Division, said in a statement.

Intel announced in March energy-efficient quad-core Xeon processors with a thermal envelope of 50 watts at core frequencies as high as 2.50GHz.