360-degree video puts you right inside terrifying tornado

AccuWeather lets you pan around inside insane footage of a close-range Colorado twister.

AccuWeather on Sunday released a completely insane 360-degree video of a massive tornado that tore through Wray, Colorado, over the weekend, part of a tornado cluster that injured five. Viewers can move around inside the video, turning in one second to see a perfectly clear sky, and in the next to see an enormous funnel cloud tearing up the earth.

"Extreme meteorologist" Reed Timmer, who starred on the show "Storm Chasers" and whose Twitter bio urges storm fans to "never stop chasing," filmed the stunning video.

"The best footage of a tornado I have ever seen because you can actually pan around," one YouTube viewer raved. Wrote another viewer: "I'm amazed by this 360 cam, I'm just spinning around in my chair smiling like a dork and watching the camera spin with me."