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Video: 2010 Toyota Prius road test

The new generation III Prius is greener and cleaner than its predecessors -- so we're keener. Especially when we learn it's faster too. Check out our video road test

The new 2010 Generation III Prius is heavier and has a bigger engine than its predecessor, yet it's more economical, kinder to the environment and faster than comparable diesel cars. What brand of witchcraft is this?

We've already shown what brand of witchcraft it is in our earlier photo story, but if you've yet to read it -- perhaps you literally have lazy eyes -- rejoice, for we've made this easy-to-digest video review, just for you, in which we get all hands-on with the Prius T Spirit -- the high-end model with all the gadgets in it.

In it we answer such questions as: is it really as green as they say it is? Does it really have solar panels? What's it like to drive? Is it actually here to save us all? You can watch it by clicking the play button above. Once you've done that, let us know what you reckon in the comments section at the bottom of the page.