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Toyota and Lexus launch Collision Assistance feature for owners

The feature is part of their respective owner apps and is designed to hold your hand through the accident documentation, insurance claim and repair process.

Getting in a car wreck sucks. It sucks whether it was your fault or someone else's, and making sure that everyone is physically OK is just the beginning of the miserable process of getting your car fixed. Toyota and Lexus are trying to make the post-collision experience a lot easier, though, with their mobile collision service on their respective owner apps.

Toyota and Lexus announced the Collision Assistance service on Wednesday, and it was designed to help walk you through the unpleasant and often Byzantine process of documenting your crash damage, filing an insurance claim and getting updates during the actual repair process.

"Safety for our customers is paramount. The minutes following an accident can be critical -- drivers are often confused and uncertain about what to do. By incorporating Collision Assistance into our owner app, we can offer help when it is needed," said Steve Basra, vice president for connected technologies at Toyota Motors North America, in a statement.

Of course, this service isn't for everyone. To take advantage of it, you need an active subscription to Safety Connect, which only works for vehicles made from 2018 onward. You also have to confirm in the app that you are safe and uninjured before it will begin walking you through the process.

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