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Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada reopens

The Gigafactory's reopening comes after CEO Elon Musk's public feud with local California government over car production.

Back to work at Gigafactory 1.

Tesla's two crucial manufacturing plants in the US are reopen. Following public confirmation Tesla production had restarted this Monday from CEO Elon Musk, the Verge reported Tuesday the company's Gigafactory in Nevada is also back online.

The information comes from Tesla's North American human resources head, Valerie Workman. In an email the website viewed, Workman explained the furlough period is over and workers are headed back. Employees who do not feel comfortable returning to work yet will need to do so on unpaid leave, the email said. Since the furlough is over, workers may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the plant's reopening.

Workman also mentioned a few steps Tesla is taking to put workers back on the job, including more shuttles to the worksite with some sort of personal protective equipment provided. In the automaker's return-to-work game plan, the company did not require personal protective gear inside its plant in Fremont, California. Fewer workers will be aboard each of the increased number of shuttles as well.

Each worker should receive word from their manager on their specific return-to-work date, the emailed added, and "in most cases" there shouldn't be any change to pay or hours.

The Gigafactory's reopening comes as Tesla and Alameda County, where the automaker's Fremont production plant calls home, appear to have reached a deal over reopening. While Tesla openly defied the county's stay-at-home order and started work on Monday, the two parties agreed to lift restrictions partially this week, and the county will allow the automaker to officially restart production next week.

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