Parkopedia will make it easier to park your Volvo

Volvo cars will soon feature the ability to search for available parking spaces and lots with Parkopedia app integration.

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2013 Volvo XC60
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LOS ANGELES -- Parkopedia is to parking what Inrix is to traffic. The service helps drivers to find and navigate to parking, provides live space availability and pricing via an app or the web, and has just announced that it has been selected to provide in-dash parking information for Volvo's global automotive offerings.

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Not a lot of information was given about the nuts and bolts of the Parkopedia integration in the announcement, but, earlier this year, we saw Volvo announce it would be offering its new Sensus Connected Touch interface in upcoming vehicles. This Android-powered infotainment system is based on the Parrot Asteroid platform, and makes use of the third-party Asteroid Market filled with car-centric Android apps. Parkopedia has been available in this market for aftermarket Asteroid receivers for some time now, so my guess is that Volvo users will gain access to Parkopedia's detailed information on over 28 million parking spaces in 40 countries by installing a version of the app on their Connected Touch receiver via this method.

Parkopedia also doesn't mention availability for this Volvo integration, but the Connected Touch system is already available for current Volvo models, and as far back as the 2011 model year, so we could be seeing parking data in Volvo dashboards very soon.