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General Motors appoints Mark Reuss as president

A company veteran whose dad was also GM president, Reuss will help oversee the carmaker's new push for EVs and automation.

Mark Reuss
Reuss succeeds Dan Amman in the role of president.
General Motors

General Motors has appointed Mark Reuss the company's president. Reuss, who joined GM in 1983 as a student intern, succeeds Dan Amman, who in November took over as CEO of Cruise Automation.

Reuss was appointed executive vice president for global product planning and Cadillac in June 2018, with GM's statement crediting him for helping Cadillac plan an accelerated product cycle that will see the brand launch a new vehicle every six months through 2021. GM also said that Reuss will oversee the company's plan to double its investment in research on electric and autonomous cars, a course change that was announced in late 2018 as the automaker ended production of several slower-selling cars.

"Mark's global operational experience, deep product knowledge and strong leadership will serve us well as we continue to strengthen our current business, take advantage of growth opportunities and further define the future of personal mobility," GM chairman and CEO Mary Barra said in a statement Thursday.

Reuss's previous roles at GM include time as the president of GM North America from 2009, and as executive vice president of product development, purchasing and supply chain from 2013-2018. Automotive News notes that Mark's father, Lloyd Reuss, also served as GM president, from 1990 through 1992.