Endless Racing's 1200-horsepower R32 GT-R will change your world

For some, racing means having a race car and a road car. For others, it's a one-car-does-all affair. This GT-R is the former, and then some.

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Endless Racing's tagline is "Steal a person's heart," a lovely sentiment if ever there was one. However, with the company's 1,200-bhp R32 Nissan GT-R, you'll do more than steal a heart. You'll likely steal a nervous system, too.

Endless has cottoned on to the fact that racing and track driving isn't what it used to be. Yuuji Goto, head honcho at Endless, sums it up perfectly: "It's all street cars these days." He remembers how weekend racers used to own a sensible car, a trailer, and their racing car.

A reasonable setup, because at least if you fell off the circuit or had an accidental shunt, you'd be able to take your broken, battered racer home with you to fix it up. Now, though, there are few trailers. Weekend racers want to drive their car to the track, put their laps in, and drive home to Mom. Here's hoping there's no accidents midcorner.

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No matter, for Goto that means people want their road-legal rides tuned to the nines. Which is good, because this 1,200-bhp GT-R will do a quarter mile drag in 9 seconds, dead. To achieve its fearsome 1,200 bhp, Goto and his team made quite a few changes. Its RB26 engine has been modified to 2.7 litres, it's got Apex V-Max camshafts, HKS Step 2 pistons, a stock crank (albeit it's been balanced), and two TD06-25G turbos.

If you don't use NOS, that fearsome setup is good for 1,000 bhp, that's already Veyron baiting territory, but the magical 1,200 bhp comes from injecting a dose of the fun stuff; 1,200 bhp bests the "boggo" Veyron, but slings it into Veyron Supersport land. No mean feat at all.

Goto himself explains how all that power feels: "It's like your head and your brain get forced into the back of your head."

Can't say we're surprised...