Cyber Monday 2019: Don't miss these automotive deals

Save big bucks on a huge range of items, from tools and car-care products to interior organizers and more.

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Craig Cole
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Have you ever seen such savings before? The deals are poppin' this Cyber Monday!

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Well, did you spend enough money on Black Friday ? If not, Cyber Monday is here once again, and the deals are just as incredible, in fact, some might be even better.

From car-care products to interior organizers, vehicle maintenance items to handy tools, there's a veritable smorgasbord of items you can grab, all at significant discounts. Hopefully your budget wasn't completely obliterated last week, because there are tremendous offers available today and you're going to want to jump on some as soon as they're available.

In this list we've highlighted 14 items, perfect gifts for car enthusiasts. Naturally, the price range is as diverse as the products themselves so there's something here for nearly every budget. Take a moment to appraise our selections, you're sure to find something worth purchasing.

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One of the most helpful tools ever invented is the ratcheting wrench. Sized to fit in tight spaces, these things can make working on vehicles far easier that messing around with sockets or standard wrenches. With a special mechanism built right into the box end, they offer the convenience of a ratchet with the simplicity of a standard wrench. The 12-piece Gearwrench set highlighted here is available this Cyber Monday for just $42.11, an astonishing 75% discount. Act now before this offer disappears and the price ratchets up again.

For folks that are serious about washing and detailing their cars, an air dryer is a must-have piece of kit. Think of these devices as vacuum cleaners in reverse. They provide a high-velocity jet of air that blows pesky water droplets away. This makes it a snap to dry off your car or truck, with no need for a towel or chamois. Adam's Polishes Air Cannon is a premium product that's normally priced accordingly. It provides a tornado-like blast of warm, filtered air. For added convenience, the unit is also fitted with casters, a 30-foot-long hose and a power cord measuring 15 feet. Grab one today for $242.02, a 28% discount.

Keep that junk in your trunk organized and accounted for with this nifty tote from Fortem. With reinforced base plates, carrying handles, a detachable lid and even tie-down straps, this lightweight and foldable container is ideal if you keep a number of small items in your vehicle and you don't want them rolling around every time you accelerate or hit the brakes. This organizer is being offered for just $26 today, 35% off the normal price.

Pop quiz: What's the only part of your car or truck that should ever touch the pavement? That's right, the tires. Maintaining appropriate pressure in these rubber doughnuts is critical for the safe operation of every vehicle on the road. Fortunately, keeping tabs on this is easy and super affordable. Today, you can get a two-pack of digital pressure gauges from AstroAI for just $11.09. They work great on cars and trucks, tractors and bicycles, practically anything with pneumatic tires.

Here we have another great gift for folks that love keeping their rides nice and clean. This combo-kit from Chemical Guys includes a gallon of high-suds soap and a foam cannon. The latter item should attach to nearly any electric- or gasoline-powered pressure washer, even smaller units that only put out 500 psi. Locked and loaded, this system delivers mountains of rich lather, which makes washing your car or truck easier and more fun. The kit is on sale right now for $42, a 65% discount.

And after your vehicle is all cleaned off and the foam cannon put away, you're going to want to protect that freshly washed surface. One great option is a ceramic coating from Mothers. It provides a super-durable, hydrophobic finish that will keep your whip crackin' for months. It also couldn't be easier to apply; just spray the product on and wipe it off. Yep, that's it. Give this stuff a try or give it as a gift. It's available this Cyber Monday for 22% less than normal, a mere $17.08 for a 24-fluid-ounce bottle.

Here's a good gift idea for gearheads that go on long drives or regularly haul loads of stuff. A roof rack can dramatically increase the amount of cargo you can carry, and this unit from ROLA is being offered for 61% less today. You can pick one up for just $105. The 59504 V-Tex model mounts to many different OEM roof rails and measures a generous 48 by 37.5 by 5 inches. It's also constructed of heavy-duty steel for long-haul durability, comes dressed in a special finish that resists weather and scratches plus it features a built-in air deflector. Overall, this product weighs about 55 pounds and should be rated to carry 130.

But if you're going to use a roof rack, it might be wise to invest in a set of high-quality tie-downs. This eight-piece set from Fortem includes four soft loops and four 15-foot-long securing straps complete with stainless steel hooks and ratcheting buckles. The polyester straps are resistant to, adverse weather, rot and mold and are a highly visible fluorescent color. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, as is value. Grab this set for just $18.69.

Can you ever have enough carwash concentrate? Well, maybe, but if you enjoy washing your ride(s) it's always a good idea to have high-quality soap on hand, and this gallon of automotive shampoo from Adam's Polishes probably can't be beat. It supposedly produces heaps of rich lather that cuts through dirt and grime without harming the paint or stripping off waxes or other protective coatings. Best of all, it's available on special this Cyber Monday for just $31, a healthy 32% discount.

Oh no, your precious baby got a dent! Life happens, unfortunately, but you don't have to let minor automotive dings deflate your spirits. You can pop out small defects with this nifty -- and affordable -- kit from Manelord. It includes a bridge made of, among other things, tempered, high-carbon steel as well as stainless steel. There's a variety of attachments designed to accommodate various surfaces and the pads that contact the body are covered in rubber to protect the paint. This system should work on metal up to 1-millimeter thick. It's available today for a mere $16.15, 55% less than usual.

After their home, a vehicle is often the second-largest purchase anyone makes. If your car or truck is equipped with leather, it's a good idea to protect this oftentimes pricey seating surface. The good news is, it's neither expensive nor difficult to do, especially this Cyber Monday. Carfidant leather conditioner and restorer is on sale for $14.44 today. That gets you an 18-ounce bottle of highly rated product that's safe to use on car seats, shoes, purses and other goods made of animal hide. It's designed to restore the suppleness of tired leather and keep newer specimens clean and looking showroom fresh. At this price, isn't it worth at least trying?

Do you know someone that's driving around in a vehicle with chalky, dull-looking headlight lenses? If so, do them (or yourself) a favor and grab one of these restoration kits from 3M. Even partially occluded headlights are a serious safety issue because the amount of light they emit is seriously reduced, plus the light that does come out isn't necessarily aimed where engineers intended it go. Understandably, this isn't good. Fortunately, you needn't spring for all-new lamp assemblies, you can revive the existing ones, and for only $7.93 this Cyber Monday. That's a price cut of 74%.

Here's another affordable gift, one that's not only good for gearheads, but anyone that drives. Grab a Moico portable air compressor for just $26 today. This little dynamo can give your vehicle a boost if it's feeling a little flat, able to inflate a tire from zero to 36 psi in around 5 minutes. For maximum convenience, this compressor plugs into a standard 12-volt, in-vehicle power outlet. It also features a built-in pressure gauge and an LCD screen. A 10-foot cord is included, as are three additional nozzles. Cleverly, you can program it to shut off a desired pressure, so you don't have to carefully monitor the unit as it's filling a tire.

Finally, there's a killer Cyber Monday deal on this Karcher wet/dry vacuum. A quality piece of engineering, it includes a number of clever features, like a high-mounted, easily replaceable filter and a range of cleaning tools. Providing plenty of horsepower is an 1,800-Watt electric motor. There's also an integrated outlet with automatic start/stop. This enables you to, for instance, plug your power miter-box into the vacuum cleaner. When the saw turns on, so does the vacuum, so it can suck up any dust produced by cutting. And yes, as this product's name suggests, it works on both wet and dry surfaces. Just flip a switch and away you go. It's available for $167 today, a discount of 17%.