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Aston Martin adds Red Bull Racing touches to V8, V12 Vantage

You can even have the car signed by Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen.


Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing's partnership extends beyond the AM-RB 001 supercar.

To celebrate that partnership, Aston Martin has created the Vantage S Red Bull Racing Edition. Available with either a V8 or V12 engine, this car sports unique additions that should appeal to well-heeled fans of Aston and Formula 1 alike.

I'm partial to matte blue, myself, even if it is a pain in the rear to maintain.

Aston Martin

The cars can be ordered in blue, satin blue, or -- like the Red Bull can itself -- silver. A red grille insert and yellow brake calipers complete the whole Red Bull Racing aesthetic. There's also a carbon fiber splitter, diffuser and side strakes, to keep things looking nice and sporty.

On the inside, there's Red Bull Racing embroidery on the headrests, carbon fiber trim all over the place, diamond quilted leather and an Alcantara suede steering wheel with an accent stripe at the 12 o'clock position.

Formula 1 fans will be excited to learn that one of Red Bull Racing's two F1 drivers -- Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen -- will sign the vehicle's sill and inspection plaques, if the owner so chooses. It might be awkward when they eventually leave the team, but that's a worry for a later date.

The customizations are made possible by Aston Martin's in-house personalization department, Q by Aston Martin. The Vantage S Red Bull Racing Edition will go on sale in the second quarter of 2017. Aston said to inquire at a dealership for the price, but for a bit of context, a "normal" V8 Vantage S starts around $135,000, with the V12 version jumping up to about $200,000.

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