2014 Ford Fiesta SFE EcoBoost review:

3-cylinder Ford Fiesta gets hybrid fuel economy

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Hill starts were made easier by a hill hold feature, which kept the brakes on for a couple of seconds while I got the revs up to a suitable speed. Despite the 148 pound-feet of torque, the Fiesta EcoBoost didn't quite have the guts to charge hills, taking a more leisurely pace for each climb.

Even on the flats, I found the need to shift all the way down to first when traffic brought my speed down below 5 mph. However, with the right amount of engine revs and clutch work, I could get a little chirp out of the front wheels from a first-gear start.

The Fiesta EcoBoost shines at speed on the freeway, with the tachometer holding 2,500rpm in fifth gear. It certainly keeps up with traffic and it is gratifying to watch the average fuel economy rise on the trip computer. I was less inclined to attempt a passing maneuver on a two-lane highway, as the engine just doesn't have much overhead.

Android preferred

In the Fiesta EcoBoost's cabin, I was actually pleased to see the canted stack of buttons and 4-inch monochrome LCD of the base head unit, as most of the examples of the model I have tested recently came with the MyFord Touch interface. The base head unit supports Sync AppLink, with a long list of integrated apps, not available with MyFord Touch.

2015 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost
With this base head unit, Sync AppLink integrates apps, offering voice control over their funcitons. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Eagerly looking over a list of the integrated apps, however, I found that the three navigation apps available were only supported on Android, and not my iPhone 5. Well, at least I could use a variety of music-oriented apps, such as Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, and Pandora. As a further sign that Sync AppLink works better for Android phones, I had to cable my iPhone to the car's USB port, and prelaunch any app I wanted to run. Android users get the convenience of Bluetooth streaming for Sync AppLink.

Hitting the voice command button and saying the magic words "mobile apps," I could use voice to request and control music from my streaming-music apps.

Pairing my phone with the car through Bluetooth allowed hands-free phone calls, of course, and basic audio streaming. I could use voice command to make calls by contact name, but had to handle the phone to select any stored music. With my iPhone cabled to the car's USB port, I could use Sync voice command to request stored music by name.

The head unit's buttons and four-way controller made accomplishing any of these music or phone call tasks much more difficult. As an example, merely changing onboard audio sources from Bluetooth to USB involved hitting the Menu button, pushing the four-way controller a couple of times to find the Select Source menu, then scrolling down to the desired audio source. Pushing the voice command button and saying USB was much, much easier.

Music played through the Fiesta's standard six speaker system -- the Sony premium audio system available in other Fiesta models isn't available with the EcoBoost option. I found the basic audio acceptable for bass and midranges, but highs had a hollow timbre.

Niche play

Hypermilers who haven't embraced diesels or hybrids seem the most likely buyer for the 2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost, as the manual transmission will throw off mainstream buyers. Fans of manual transmissions tend to be sport drivers who will be much more interested in the Fiesta ST .

The 1-liter engine is certainly an impressive engineering feat, but requires more care and skill to drive than a typical manual-transmission-equipped car. Given the equipment limitations and the extra cost of this engine option, it is hard to imagine the sort of buyer who will step up for the Fiesta EcoBoost. The fuel economy numbers should serve as a hook.

Ford's decision not to include much in the way of cabin tech options with this engine suggests the company realizes it will only fit a niche buyer. However, Sync, the core of useful Ford cabin tech is here, making it easy to control a smartphone with voice command and get some integrated app connectivity.

Tech specs
Model 2014 Ford Fiesta
Trim SFE EcoBoost
Power train Turbocharged direct-injection 1-liter 3-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transmission
EPA fuel economy 31 mpg city/43 mpg highway
Observed fuel economy 40.6 mpg
Navigation Not available
Bluetooth phone support Standard
Digital audio sources Internet-based streaming, Bluetooth streaming, iOS integration, USB drive, auxiliary input
Audio system 6-speaker
Driver aids None
Base price $16,735
Price as tested $17,690

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