Withings Wi-Fi Digital Body Scale review: Withings Wi-Fi Digital Body Scale

The Body Scale also has the brains to differentiate between between eight individuals. But unlike Fitbits Aria, there doesn't appear to be an easy way to accomplish this task. In fact, I found the entire Withings Web-based interface for the Body Scale confusing and unintuitive. It turns out you can quickly add users to the scale by clicking the Unassigned Data button on the Web site dashboard -- that's far from obvious, though. Also, while Withings offers both iOS and Android apps to view your weight and BMI over time, they are simplistic and don't provide much more in the way of features and capabilities.

The Withings Web site offers basic weight-tracking tools. Brian Bennett/CNET

For example, the Fitbit Aria ties into Fitbit's tailor-made ecosystem of fitness products and software tools. With them I was able to track my activity using the company's Fitbit Ultra pedometer, count calories by entering meals and snacks (either through mobile apps or Web browser), and create a custom weight-loss plan, all through Fitbit's seamless, graphically engaging interface. Withings says that it plans on performing a major software update within the next month that will add significantly greater functionality.

On the other hand, the Withings Body Scale beats the Aria in terms of sheer support for third-party fitness apps and services. The company says the scale is compatible with 44 separate health-oriented software and Web solutions including Runkeeper and even Fitbit. One caveat is that the device will populate those fitness platforms with your weight data but won't pull that info into the Withings dashboard so you can view everything in one spot.

It's hard to beat the number of third-party fitness apps the Withings Body Scale supports. Withings

Testing the Withings Body Scale was an enjoyable if not completely straightforward experience. Setting up the device was simply a matter of downloading the scale's software from Withing's Web site then connecting the product via USB cable (Mini to standard) to my Wi-Fi-connected PC -- Macs are also supported. From there I instructed the Body Scale to link to my network, unplugged the cable, and I was off to the races. It is a drawback to have to use a physical cord, since you may not always have one handy. The entire process was quick and relatively painless, though.

In terms of performance, the Body Scale turned in essentially the same alarming results the Fitbit Aria recorded. The scale did measure my weight as being a few pounds lighter, but sadly it reported a slightly higher BMI reading. Weight logging was just as simple and swift on the Body Scale as it was using the Aria. After stepping on the device, the gadget took a few seconds to measure my weight and percentage body fat. A few more seconds more and the scale informed me that my stats were uploaded to my Withings account located in the cloud.

First debuted back in September 2009, the $159 Withings Body Scale set the bar for what a Wi-Fi-connected scale should do. Stylish and sophisticated, the device still offers a great way to track your weight over time to motivate you toward your weight-loss goals. Stiff competition from the $129.99 Fitbit Aria though has exposed the Body Scale's less-than-ideal software interface and online tools. That said, if you don't want to invest in Fitbit's growing world of fitness devices and want an extremely flexible smart device, the Withings Body Scale just may satisfy your specific needs.

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