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Vodio for Android review: A personalized video viewer for everyone

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The best thing about Vodio is that it lets you customize your channel lineup. The five default channels are a helpful start, but it also offers over 100 more to supplement your dock. All you have to do is hit the "+" button to see the different curated channels available and put a check next to any item that you want to add to your lineup. You can add channels for general categories like Viral and Android, or channels from individual sources like Facebook, CNET, and Rolling Stone. And if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always run a search and add individual channels that way. You can even add smart channels to your dock, so you can keep track of your watch history, videos you've shared, videos you want to watch later, and more. Altogether, these customization options make Vodio an attractive app for video lovers.

While Vodio's many customization options are certainly a good thing, the controls involved are where I found problems. For instance, if you run a search, and tap on a search result, Vodio automatically adds it as a new channel. This means that if you're only trying to run a one-off search, you'll have to go in and fix your channel lineup when you're done, which can get annoying. It's also worth mentioning that there appears to be no way to rearrange the order of your channels.

Despite its interface issues, Vodio is still an impressive app. It comes with over 100 curated channels to choose from, and it lets you create your own custom channel dock. It even offers a couple of features that its competitor Showyou doesn't (video history and watch later queue). If you're looking for a personalized video watching experience with only the video sources and categories that you love, this app is as fine an option as any.

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