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Tritton AX Visor review: Tritton AX Visor

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We paired the Tritton AX Visor with the RIM BlackBerry Pearl successfully. Call quality was excellent--the different microphones really do work well to emphasize your voice in the two different environments. When in-car mode is activated, the unidirectional mic helps to block out surrounding noise and eliminate echo, so that callers can hear you more effectively over the din of engine noises and other auditory distractions. We tested this out, and indeed, callers had no problem hearing us. However, we sometimes had trouble hearing them--the maximum volume on the speakerphone sometimes wasn't loud enough to drown out the engine and traffic noises. In desktop speakerphone mode, the omnidirectional mic works to pick up your voice from all angles, which resulted in callers hearing us loud and clear, plus vice versa.

Features include answering, ending, and rejecting calls, as well as last number redial, voice dial support, call mute, three-way conferencing, and the capability to transfer a call from the Visor to the phone and vice versa. The Visor's internal accelerometer is also sensitive enough to car vibration. So whenever you start up your car's engine, the Visor will sense it, and will automatically look to connect to the last paired cell phone.

The Tritton AX Visor comes with a USB charging cable and an AC adapter. It has a rated battery life of 15 hours talk time and 16.7 days standby time.

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