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Tannoy Definition DC10T stereo loudspeakers review: Tannoy Definition DC10T stereo loudspeakers

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What was interesting was the provision of five binding posts on each speaker. Four were for the usual bi-wiring (if you want to waste a bit of money on extra wire) of the drivers, while the fifth is something that we've never seen before: an earthing point. Apparently, this allows the chassis of both drivers to be grounded. We didn't try this out, because we didn't have a grounding point handy (apart from the ones in power points, which we'd be very reluctant to use).


These speakers accept quite high levels of power, and translate it from electrical into acoustical form with higher-than-normal efficiency, yielding a sensitivity of 92dB (each 3dB increase is equivalent to doubling the amount of power).

Consequently, these speakers were very happy to go extremely loud when we opened up the throttle on the 200-watt mono-block amplifiers. They went loud, but preserved the coherence of the sound as they did so, even at volume levels averaging over 100dB SPL. Want rock played loud? These speakers will do it.

The character of the sound was one of full, rich bass, and excellent detail throughout the tonal range. In my room, the mid-bass was a touch more forward than the norm. Tannoy provides "bungs" — foam rubber cylinders — that can be placed in the bass reflex ports to tame the bass, should circumstances require the speakers to be placed close to a wall. In our room, the position complied with Tannoy's suggestions of a good metre of separation from a wall, but even here, we think the bass may have been just a touch fuller than we're used to.

We switched to an orchestral piece, and again there was that mid-bass richness, but a real feeling of presence in the instruments. And a very tangible sense of stereo imaging, in which just about each individual instrument could be picked out in space from the others. The slide of the bow across the strings of the violin was delivered with a texture that spoke of realism.


So loud and brash, smooth and sophisticated, the Tannoy Definition DC10T loudspeakers will deliver pretty much what you want. Just make sure that your room has space for them, including that necessary distance from the surrounding walls.

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