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Tangent Cinque review: Tangent Cinque

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The Cinque didn't get off to a good start, and we never felt this was a hugely enjoyable system to use. It's just clunky. Menus can be cluttered as a result of the limited display size, and the momentary lag when changing functions gets tedious.

Browsing through DAB stations, however, is as easy as turning a knob and the system will autotune all the DAB stations it can find. It found the usual roster we receive in our office. FM is much the same, and enjoys a separate preset pool to DAB, as mentioned.

Reception and sound quality depends entirely on your location, but we had pretty typical results in our usual test areas. The performance of the single speaker driver was certainly good. For such a small, monaural system, it produces a full sound, but it's firstly an amalgam of both left and right channels, then outputted through a bass-heavy driver. The result is fine for pop and talk radio but it's not going to replace your hi-fi. It can, however, be outputted through a line-out socket.

In the mornings, what we didn't like was the inability to turn the volume of the alarm down as Chris Moyles deafened us at 7am. And if you set an alarm to use DAB, but fall asleep listening to a CD, it'll wake you with a typical alarm clock-style beep -- it won't switch modes.

Overall, it's an attractive system that, in the grand scheme of DAB tabletops, looks the business and sounds excellent -- but at a price. We were annoyed by its stubbornness.

If you want style and decent sound, be prepared to shed a few extra quid. If you want ease of use, stick with something from PURE -- maybe the Evoke-1S.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Shannon Doubleday

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