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SRS iWOW Adapter for iPod review: SRS iWOW Adapter for iPod

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The Good The SRS iWOW plugs directly into your iPod and gives it a bolder, more bottom-heavy sound.

The Bad The iWOW is made from cheap plastic, lacks any control beyond volume, and can only be used with an iPod.

The Bottom Line The SRS iWOW is like a sonic Tabasco sauce for your music, but it doesn't complement every song.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 6
  • Performance 7

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If you've ever wanted a button on your iPod that works like the "Loud" button on your stereo, the folks at SRS Sound offer the iWOW, a $99 audio enhancer that kicks your iPod's audio up a notch. The iWOW measures 0.8 inch tall, 0.3 inch thick, and 2.25 inches across, and looks right at home plugged into an iPod Classic or an iPod Touch, but somewhat awkward plugged into an iPod Nano. The front of the iWOW is made of a matte black plastic, with an illuminated power button at its center, surrounded by a volume rocker switch. There's a headphone jack on the bottom of the iWOW and a standard iPod dock connection located on the top, which is compatible with most iPods made since 2005 (excluding the Shuffle and iPhone).

We're happy to see that the SRS iWOW gets all the power it needs directly from your iPod; however, it will put a small dent in your iPod's battery performance. Being iPod powered also means that you can't use the iWOW with other audio sources, such as your computer or a non-iPod MP3 player.

The iWOW's design is attractive and easy to use, but the all-plastic construction feels a little cheap considering the $99 price tag, and the unreinforced headphone jack doesn't inspire confidence.

Just like your stereo's "Loud" button, the SRS iWOW is a blunt instrument when it comes to audio enhancement. There are no EQ parameters to fudge with or presets to scroll through--just two settings: on and off. We're all for ease of use, but for an accessory aimed at people who are picky enough about audio to drop $99, the iWOW's all-or-nothing philosophy seems like the wrong way to go.

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