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Sony BDP-S360 review: Sony BDP-S360

Picture this
This machine's picture quality is, as we'd expected, very good. Although it might not be quite up to the standard of some of the more expensive players on the market, it's unlikely that anyone will notice much difference.

Movies looked crisp and clear, with plenty of detail. Sound was very good, too, thanks to the lossless audio tracks that Blu-ray offers. We're also pleased that the BDP-S360 has both HDMI and optical/coaxial digital audio outputs. The best quality will come from feeding a modern AV receiver with the HDMI output, but people with older equipment aren't prevented from getting better sound either.

The only thing that would improve this machine would be the addition of analogue 7.1 audio outputs. But, at this price range, that's not likely to happen.

Where are my extras?
It's worth mentioning that this Profile 2.0 player supports picture-in-picture playback and Internet access for additional content. Apart from that, the BDP-S360 doesn't offer much in the way of extras. It will play MP3s and JPEGs from memory sticks, though, which might be of use to some people.

At about £120, the Sony BDP-S360 is within the reach of most people itching to get on the high-definition bandwagon. It's not as cheap as a £30 DVD player, but it's a great little Blu-ray player, and currently one of the most sensibly priced on the market.

There's some competition in this price range, though. The obvious choice is the LG BD370, which we adore. It includes YouTube playback, and support for some video codecs and containers commonly found on the Internet. It's a good machine, and certainly worthy of your consideration if you want a little more than the BDP-S360 offers, for a similar price. If not, opt for the BDP-S360. It's a cracker.

Edited by Charles Kloet

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