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SignalBoost Mobile Professional Amplifier Kit review: SignalBoost Mobile Professional Amplifier Kit

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The final step is to plug in the amplifier, using the car adapter or wall plug. The power cord, which also serves as the USB connection to a PC, is almost 7 feet long, so you should have no trouble positioning everything. And of course, when you're using the Mobile Professional with a wireless card, it won't need another power source.

We tested the Mobile Professional while driving in several areas with consistently poor reception. In each case, the Mobile Professional boosted our signal noticeably. We could place and receive calls with little interference and few fade-outs. What's more, we no longer suffered from dropped calls. In our experience, the Mobile Professional needs at least a minimal signal to do its job. If we had no reception at all, we didn't see any difference in performance. On their end, callers also noticed a big improvement. We tested the product with Motorola, Samsung, and Nokia handsets, but we didn't see a difference between the three models.

It's important to note that individual results will vary. Also, you shouldn't expect the Mobile Professional to magically cure all your reception woes. Even when we noticed a change for the better, there were still moments where the signal was intermittent. But on the upside, those moments were all within the normal constraints of using a cell phone. In our testing, the amplifier did not interfere with other electronic devices.

The Wilson Electronics SignalBoost Mobile Professional Amplifier Kit supports CDMA and GSM. It doesn't support Nextel's iDEN network, but Nextel users can take advantage of other Wilson products.

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