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Samsung Q530 review: Samsung Q530

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The powerhouse driving all this is a dual-core, 2.26GHz Intel Core i3-350M processor. This chip is certainly no slouch and helped the system rack up an impressive score of 6,557 in the PCMark05 benchmark test. This indicates that it'll have no problem chomping through more demanding chores, such as heavy multitasking.

Samsung hasn't forgotten about gaming performance either. The Q530 has an Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics chip that has 512MB of dedicated memory. It performed rather well in 3DMark06, racking up a score of 7,633. That means you should have no problem running the latest games, as long as you keep the detail turned down slightly.

As the Q530 is a larger laptop, you may not plan on taking it on the road often. Nevertheless, its battery life isn't too bad. In the Battery Eater test, the laptop managed to keep running for 1 hour and 10 minutes, which is a fairly respectable time for a 15.6-inch model.

Samsung has done a good job on the storage front too, equipping the machine with a large, 500GB hard drive. There's also a DVD writer on-board and an SD card reader perched on the front lip.

The Q530's on-board speakers are weedy, though. They aren't capable of producing much bass, so, if you want to use the laptop for listening to music, we'd advise you to invest in a decent set of headphones.


There's plenty to like about the Samsung Q530. It has a sexy design, well-balanced specification and decent battery life. Overall, though, it's not quite as an impressive as the smaller Q330.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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