Samsung Gravity SGH-T459 review: Samsung Gravity SGH-T459

Messaging fans will like that the Gravity also supports instant messaging for all the major IM services (AIM, ICQ, Windows Live, Yahoo), and e-mail from a host of providers (AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, Gmail, Mac, Verizon, and more). More advanced users will like the stereo Bluetooth, voice command, and the wireless Web browser.

Though the Gravity comes with a music player, it's nothing to write home about. The interface is quite generic, though you can create playlists and you can shuffle and repeat tracks. You can load music onto the Gravity via a microSD card or PC upload.

The Samsung Gravity took decent photos.

The Gravity also comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera. It can take pictures in six resolutions (1,280x1024, 1,024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 320x240, and 220x165), five white balance settings, and nine color effects. Other camera options include zoom, a self-timer, a night mode, exposure metering, multi or mosaic shot, and the choice of three shutter sounds (no silent option unfortunately). Photo quality was decent for a simple megapixel camera. Though the color seemed overcast and dark, the image quality was sharp without a lot of blur. It also comes with a built-in camcorder, which can record in three lengths (limit for message, limit for e-mails, and no limit within the available memory) and three resolutions (176x144, 160x120, and 128x96), with options similar to the still camera.

You can personalize your Samsung Gravity by adding wallpaper, screensavers, and sounds. It also comes with a few games, like demo versions of Block Breaker Deluxe, and Midnight Pool 2. If you want to purchase the full version of the games, and buy more graphics and sound files, you can do so via the T-zones browser.

We tested the Samsung Gravity in San Francisco using T-Mobile's network. We have to say that we were disappointed with the call quality. Though we could hear our callers and vice versa, they said we sounded muffled, and that there was quite a bit of static. Even on our end, we could hear the static. Speakerphone calls did not fare much better with the tinny sound output. We managed to successfully pair the Gravity with the Aliph Jawbone 2.

Audio quality on the music player was average, with not a lot of bass. The speaker is loud enough, but as we said earlier, the tinny sound output makes us recommend the use of a headset instead.

The Samsung Gravity has a rated battery life of 6 hours talk time and 12.5 days standby time. We had a talk time of 8 hours and 12 minutes in our tests. According to the FCC, it has a SAR rating of 0.487 watt per kilogram.

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