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Samsung EHS71 Universal Headset review: Samsung EHS71 Universal Headset

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MSRP: $129.99

The Good The Samsung Refined Sound EHS71 earphones have an attractive, compact design rarely seen in stereo earbuds.

The Bad For its price, the Samsung EHS71 earbuds' audio quality should be better. Samsung only includes two pairs of silicone tips for the earbuds.

The Bottom Line Samsung's Refined Sound EHS71 stereo headset is elegantly crafted but lacks the audio chops to match its $129 asking price.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

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When a mega electronics maker like Samsung decides to create a top-of-the-line mobile phone stereo headset, I take notice. Not only are the $129.99 Samsung Refined Sound EHS71 earphones pretty to look at, but they also came with a promise of outstanding audio quality and sound isolation. Unfortunately, though, Sammy promised a little too much. And in today's crowded field of smartphone headphones filled with tough competition from audio pros like Klipsch and Grado, talk is cheap and sound performance is king.

Whether building cutting-edge HDTVs or expanding its Galaxy line of smartphones, Samsung takes product design seriously. So it's no surprise that the Refined Sound EHS71 model reflects the company's eye for quality aesthetics. Compact and lightweight, the EHS71 consists of two cylindrical earbuds carved from what Samsung calls "aircraft" aluminum. I especially appreciate the textured, crosshatched stripe that runs around the middle of each silver-hued earbud. It provides a better grip, which is important on earphones this small.

The buds are capped by soft silicone ear cushions that are cone-shaped to better slide into your ear canal. Unfortunately, you don't get a lot of choice in the package, as Samsung only provides one extra cushion set with a slightly wider shape. It was a serious issue since I found that if I didn't jam the standard (narrower) earbuds firmly inside my ear canal, they had a tendency to slip out when I moved my head. The fatter tips stayed more securely in my ears, but I'd prefer more cushion sizes for the best individual fit.

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As part of the deal, Samsung includes an extra set of wider silicone ear tips. Sarah Tew/CNET

One thoughtful touch is the thick, low-friction cord that's designed to resist knots and snags. Similar products, such as the Klipsch S4A earphones, lack this feature and instead sport wires with a sticky, rubbery coating that's more prone to tangles.

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The Samsung EHS71 has a useful tangle-resistant cord. Sarah Tew/CNET

As a true mobile phone accessory, the EHS71 model features an in-line microphone for conducting voice communication. To accept an incoming call, just press the headset's Answer key. Hitting the key otherwise will command your handset to ring the number of your last call.

Also bundled with the Refined Sound EHS71 set is a black carrying case. Samsung says is made from leather, though I thought it was felt. Inside the case are the extra set of silicone ear cushions and a small shirt clip.

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