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Samsung ST600 review: Samsung ST600

ST600 ISO crop
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A side-by-side comparison of a 100 per cent crop of an image taken at ISO 1600 (left) and ISO 3200 (right). (Credit: CBSi)

Video quality is less successful than stills. Samsung enables the optical zoom while filming, but the camera blows out highlights and suffers from jelly-like movement when panning the camera across a scene, as seen below. The image is soft and detail is lost across the frame.

Image samples

Click each image for full-sized samples from the ST600. No post-processing has been done to alter these photos.

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Exposure: 1/750, f/3.5, ISO 80

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Exposure: 1/350, f/5.9, ISO 80

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Exposure: 1/45, f/3.5, ISO 120

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Exposure: 1/500, f/3.9, ISO 80, classic mode

(Credit: CBSi)


Though the ST600 doesn't fix any of the issues we had with the ST550, it still stands up as an excellent compact camera for anyone who just wants to point and shoot. The front LCD screen is an added bonus for social photographers.

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