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Roccat Isku review: Roccat Isku

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The caps lock key may not act as you expect, though: by default it is assigned to Roccat's EasyShift function. Hold it down, and all the M buttons, along with the buttons under the spacebar will be assigned a secondary function, all of which can be customised by the user. Considering how sparingly caps lock is used, it's not a bad compromise for extra functionality.

If you happen to own a Kone[+] mouse, it's possible for the Isku and Kone[+] to talk to each other through something called Roccat Talk. The EasyShift button on the keyboard can affect the mouse, keyboard or both simultaneously, allowing for some pretty flexible customisation. Better, though, is that it incorporates our favourite feature from the R.A.T. 7 — hold down a key on the keyboard and your mouse speed will be reduced, allowing for more accurate sniper shots. Something that isn't made immediately obvious: you'll need a separate Roccat Talk driver for all this to work.

The EasyShift button can also affect the "EasyZone" series of keys if enabled, which consists of pretty much every key your left hand is able to reach while still holding the caps lock button: 1-5, Q-T, A-G, Z-B. Along with custom assignments, this should help negate keyboard sprawl that affects more complex games.

Macro editing is identical to Roccat's mice, and is quite a decent set-up, even allowing you to live record through a button on the keyboard. However, if you do things this way, delays will be recorded as well.

For those who are annoyed by Windows' function keys, you can turn off the Windows key, application key, tab key and left shift key individually if you so desire, thereby removing all keys that could be responsible for dumping you out of game and back to the desktop.

The Isku is a good gaming keyboard, with very few flaws. We certainly wouldn't complain if this was under our Christmas tree this year.

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