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Polk Audio RM95 review: Polk Audio RM95

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The Vantage Point Blu-ray Disc was used to test the RM95's home theater skills. The film covers an assassination of a U.S. president in a public square in Spain. The RM95 sats did an excellent job of placing us in the midst of the action; the Blu-ray's surround mix was above par and the spatial coherence between the front and rear speakers was excellent. But the assassin's gunshots and the terrorists' bomb blasts were dynamically reigned in by the speakers. Dialog clarity was only average, and sometimes sounded a bit boxy.

In other words, the wee speakers have significant dynamic limitations compared with larger speakers. So, we weren't surprised to hear that the Nine Inch Nails concert Blu-ray, Beside You In Time, was viscerally scaled back by the RM95. This sort of music doesn't cut it over speakers with 2.5-inch woofers. John Mayer's acoustic set on his Live at Radio City Blu-ray was a better fit. The quieter music sounded fine, and the concert surround experience was quite nice.

Listening to CDs in stereo, the left/right sats projected a large soundfield. But we were somewhat distracted when we noted that most of the bass was coming from the DSW PRO 400 subwoofer. The RM95 sats sounded puny on the Raconteurs first CD, Broken Boy Soldiers. Opening up the sound with Dolby Pro Logic IIx surround improved things, but we were happier with the RM95's sound for movies than music.

It's also worth noting that we found the dual-driver design gambit worked well, producing a sound that stretched the full width of the CNET listening room, even though the speakers were placed 3 feet from the side walls. The Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 was nowhere as spacious sounding.

Our complaints about the RM95's limitations notwithstanding, it may be ideal for very small (less than 150 square feet) rooms, and for buyers who listen at a fairly quiet volume most of the time. If that doesn't jibe with your needs, the Definitive Technology ProCinema 800 satellite/subwoofer system may be a better choice--but it's considerably more expensive.

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