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Plantronics Explorer 350 review: Plantronics Explorer 350

Plantronics Explorer 350

Nicole Lee Former Editor
Nicole Lee is a senior associate editor for CNET, covering cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and all things mobile. She's also a fan of comic books, video games, and of course, shiny gadgets.
Nicole Lee
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The Plantronics Explorer 350 Bluetooth headset is the successor to the Plantronics Explorer 320. Like its predecessor, it's slender and lightweight, though it doesn't have all the accessories that its sexier cousin, the Plantronics Discovery 655 does. The biggest disappointment is that the 350 doesn't even come with an included AC adapter. But by itself it's a pretty decent headset for novices who want a simple, easy-to-use device. The Explorer 350 retails for $89.95.


Plantronics Explorer 350

The Good

The Plantronics Explorer 350 is a sleek lightweight headset that is easy to use, plus it has great sound quality as well. It also comes with an in-car charging cradle and a USB cable.

The Bad

The Plantronics Explorer 350 feels a little uncomfortable when worn, and it doesn't come with an AC adapter in the package.

The Bottom Line

The Plantronics Explorer 350 is a lightweight headset that sounds great. We wished only that it were a little more comfortable.

The Explorer 350 is mostly black with silver and chrome accents. It measures 2.6 by 0.8 by 0.5 inches and weighs a mere 0.6 ounces. It has a multifunction button on the front, which also acts as a volume rocker. While the button is on the small side, it was still pretty easy to press, even when wearing the headset. The button flashes blue when the headset's powered on and alternates between red and blue in pairing mode.

On the back is a rubberized earbud with a slight spout that fits securely in the ear. Also on the back is an ear hook that's flexible up to 180 degrees, so you can use it on either ear. Slipping the headset on wasn't a problem, but we did find the ear hook to be rather uncomfortable, particularly after hours of continuous wear. The ear hook isn't detachable, so you're forced to wear it. The Explorer 350 did come with a car accessory package, which lets you dock the headset in your car via a charging cradle. It also comes with a USB charging cable. However, we were disappointed that there wasn't an AC adapter included in the package; you have to use a computer or the car to charge it.

We tested the Plantronics Explorer 350 with the T-Mobile Sidekick 3. We had no problems with the pairing process, and we were talking on the headset within seconds. Call quality was great on both ends, though callers did say we sounded rather faded when we were in windier environments. Call features included call reject, last-number redial, voice dialing, and call switching between the headset and a phone. The 350 has a great rated talk time of up to 8 hours as well as a standby time of 10 days.