Pentax K100D Super review: Pentax K100D Super

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Okay, so not much has changed over its predecessor. Though it's cheaper, the K100D Super hasn't upped its 6-megapixel resolution -- look to Pentax's K10D for that. Pixel count aside, the four non-rechargeable AAs are one of the few signifiers that this is a budget model, though battery life is respectable.

It's also a moot point whether the K100D Super's target audience -- beginners and family users in the main -- are truly going to benefit from the new dust prevention feature since they're not the type to be swapping lenses with any regularity. Still, it's a nice extra that gives the Super the edge over its nearest rival -- and in a cutthroat marketplace, that makes all the difference.

Though it's always fun finding negatives, the simple fact is that on the K100D Super they're few and far between. It's an old adage that you get what you pay for, and, unbelievably, with the K100D Super you actually get more.

For a beginner with no history of dSLR ownership -- so no old lenses to find a new home for -- the choice of the Pentax K100D Super is a veritable no brainer.

It's built to last, quick in operation, delivers warm and colourful images straight out of the camera that are on a par with 10-megapixel rivals and did we mention that it's a bargain at £370?

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Jon Squire